The Best True Crime Books to Read

true crime books

One of the best true crime books to read in the next few years will be I Will Be Gone in the Night by Kim Novak. For readers caught in the grip of In Cold Blood and I, Will Be Gone in the Night, the gripping true story of an unsolved murder at a respected university and a lyrical, unforgettable memoir of devotion and obsession with a young woman who dreamed of climbing up the social ladder among men is a combination of literature that is guaranteed to mesmerize its readers.

Kim Novak’s book has been on the New York Times bestseller list for two straight months. It was also short-listed for the National Book Award but lost out to the more traditional titles such as Murder in a Small Town by Lisa Marie Park and What Happened, Miss Lucia? by Tricia Robertson.

Novak was a teenager when she and her friend took part in a brutal sexual attack at the hands of the most notorious serial killer of all time. She was a senior at Harvard College when the attack occurred and she spent the following three years trying to get justice for her friend’s killer. Her powerful account of how she went from a young woman who lived with an innocent sense of fear to a woman who had the strength and courage to face down and defeat the most dangerous man who ever roamed the earth is a true story that anyone can read.

There are some critics of True Crime Books to read in the coming years. Some have argued that they often serve as mere window dressing for sensationalism, which in turn leads to the sensationalization of the real crimes themselves. Others worry that the stories in these books do not give enough attention to the victim as an individual, or that their victims have been treated as a faceless entity.

However, it is undeniable that the cases written about in these books are real-life stories that are very real. And although it is impossible to write about every single murder committed in the United States or all the other countries of the world, the number of murders committed in each country does give a glimpse into what is happening in society today’s world.

true crime books

The best True Crime Books to read in the future will cover many different types of crimes, including white-collar crimes, domestic violence, bank robbery, kidnappings, drug-related crimes and armed robberies. {though these crimes were not the focus of the stories in the New York Times bestseller list. The best, true crime books to read in the future will be focused on the more serious crimes and cases, such as the ones involving child abuse or rape. On average, women are four times as likely to die in a rape compared to a homicide.

A book like In Cold Blood by Ken Kesey’s In God’s Country was long one of the best books to read in the genre of true crime books to read in the coming years. The book chronicles the trial of Charles Manson as he prepares to fight another prison sentence, as he prepares for the final confrontation with the man who killed his pregnant wife.

Another book to look forward to reading is Robert Ludlum’s The Secret by Tim Marquitz, which tells the tale of the aftermath of the Manson family murders in Los Angeles. Ludlum will write more about this case in a second book. As for the best, true crime books to read in the coming years, a book such as The Fall by Gillian Doktor, which focuses on the Manson family murders of 1960, or The Girl Next Door by Kate Zambreno, which tells of the case of a serial killer that stalked teenage girls in the San Francisco Bay area, or The Devil’s Triangle by Joe Gilkey, a fictionalized account of the Manson family murders.

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